Thursday, February 12, 2009

Those veils

Those veils,
that can hide a mountain
in an ocean of nothing.
Those veils,
that can keep the secrets,
which would otherwise explode.
That can change the black into white
Yes, those veils,
that can convert days into nights,
that can change the criminals to caretakers.
Yes, in the age of veils,
the innocents can be dragged to slaughter houses,
the weak can be smothered .
And the poor can be strangled.
Yes, behind the curtains,
away from the range of communication,
naked body of children,
battered bodies of adults
are buried by the persons in combat.
While at the centre of communication,
in front of beaming cameras,
bright bodies of the naked models shine.
As if every other task in the world is completed.
And you have to just sit and watch,
‘Whose chests are more attractive?’
You need a constant attention
which brand of lipstick is most fashionable?
Yes in this age full of veils,
our TV screens will decide
what we need to see and what not to .
A fact has to be censored ,
but a rumor has to be just evaluated.
Yes, before hitting the market,
powerful hands will work out ,
‘What, how and when to be informed?’
Yes in the age of veils,
half truths and lies have to dominate the truths.
In protection of the veils,
Innumerable machine guns and missiles,
billions of dollars
Still the outline of the face behind the veils,
can’t elude the keen observer.
And if he fails to ignore what he sees,
he can be lawfully tortured or eliminated,
for sake of the veils,
that are so crucial to prop this world up.
Still the protectors of the veils are afraid.
To hide the flush of shame and anxiety,
They are adding another layer to their veil,
This time manufactured by a multinational corporation.

Can’t you see!

Droughts and famines in our doorsteps,
My friend,
Floods and hurricanes
In the order to follow,
Dark nights chasing the bright days.
Cool mornings replaced by hot humid hours.
How to tolerate, my friend!
Pigeons floating in the air hunted by the vultures,
Wings of sparrows frozen by cold,
Parrots locked in the cage.
Who’ll sing the rhyme of freedom, my friend!
Fresh air replaced by tonnes of smoke,
Water contaminated with the nuclear waste,
What to breath and what to drink,
Oceans running short of fishes,
Glaciers receding metres a month
What to quench thirst?
Throttled by injustice,
Strangled by poverty,
Ultra modern missiles targeting the villages
Where to seek asylum? My friend!
In the world growing so narrow day by day,
Where to take few peaceful breathes?
They say it is global village,
With no boundries, no road blocks,
Only liberty and freedom.
Resources looted, manpower exported,
Trade of weapons disasterously universalized
Freedom for the powerful to do anything
From sanctions to genocides,
Guarantee of no retaliation.
Yes there are boundaries for the others
Poverty and wealth piling on two camps
The distance between them growing.
Can these boundries ever be challenged?
In the face of impending disaster
I appeal, my friend!
Are you lured by those sweet words?
Are you scared of those inhumane threats?
That can mislead for years, frighten for months,
They are not going to last for ever, my friend!
Masks of democracy, peace and stability eroding,
I can see those anthrocidal faces
Preparing to launch another attack on humaniy,
To kill lakhs, displace millions
For sake of few thousand ‘people’
My friend, can’t you see them laughing insanely
After their successful mission to assault humanity.
The Great Friends

In the midday
they kidnapped her.
They had machine guns in shoulders
And dollars in the bag
And they had mask in the face.
They dragged her
In the rough floor of civil war
They disrobed her
Among a large crowd, the whole world
But all others blindfolded
Yes in the midday,
They battered her.
Predators with the sniffing dogs,
Disguised as the great friends,
They caught the steering
Yes they drove her to the trouble
They led her to the dark,
In the morning,
They were stepping out of the pool of blood,
Yes, their lips were still wet with blood.
But they were still shouting
the slogans of peace and democracy.
They kept on bringing the fatal weaponry
And they were reassuring their stance for peace.
A barrel of SMG staring at us,
We were as quite as in a funeral.
They interpreted this as approval
of their heinous act.
Yes they prematurely invited the dark night
Throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America
They robbed the babies of their parents,
They seized the walking sticks of the grandma’s.
Then they declared how much they did
For the peace and prosperity
through their so called free press.
They chopped her fingers
And announced they would arrive to help
Whenever she needs to use the hand.
Yes, they were so called true friends,
Yes they were agents from Washington.

O friend,
I have grown up,
As I can see today,
I have grown up.
The hills standing in the same place,
The rivers flowing in the same way,
The clouds thunder, it rains the same way.
Still I am different,
Yes friend, I have grown up.
I am not a child now
And should not be so.
But friend I am worried.
The days passing, nights skidding
Are the dreams of childhood,
coming true or being slowly being forgotten?
The sun never forgets to rise and set
The plate like moon comes every month,
The guavas never fail to yield the fruit.
Crores of litre of water flown since my childhood
Still the river is never dry
Friend, why my destination so far?
When my hands have grown so long
My footsteps spaced so wide,
Still my dreams have come no nearer.
Those innocent promises made in early years,
Are they to be buried by the fresh ones?
O friend, I am afraid
Whether before concluding my life,
I’ll have to remember the dreams and
Curse my youth for ignoring them.
I am afraid of the skeleton of the old age
Who is burdened to lament for the wasted days.
Friend I have grown up
But my destination so far.
Bush! Your Highness

Can’t tolerate, Bush! Your highness,
Your prosperous and well secured world.
Stabbing bayonets in the bellies of the hungry,
Throwing grenades to the bodies of the naked,
Bombing the roofless from the fighter planes.
Bush ! your highness
Decapitated the heads of the Palestinian children,
Crushed the heads of the Lebananese teenagers.
Lakes of tears and rivers of blood,
Your achievements, Bush the achiever!
Animals in the zoo are mourning
For your genocides covered by bright titles,
Creatures in the homes with coke in one hand,
Whiskey in the table
Are clapping eagerly for the models,
When the nudest of the girls will appear?
In your ideal world created by consumerism.

The giant dozer of inhumanity
Rolling from Asia to Africa
From Haiti to Somalia.
Bush your highness! Your remote control
Has more power than your bible imagined.
Handful of robots in the headquarters,
Are rolling the red carpet
To receive your criminal steps.
Malodorous your foreign policy,
Scented with so called ‘war on terror’

Busy playing the fluid of sadism,
Challenging the humanitarian law and sensibility,
Who can declare you as Laden?
Hitler used the gas chambers for the holocaust,
You are using the warm beds.
From Hanoi, Kabul, Gaza to Baghdad,
From Mogadishu to Kosovo, from Beirut to Guantanamo
Hitler’s genocide was limited in one continent,
Your highness, yours in all the five.

Cease the bloody war games,
Dear bush! have a think,
Hitler never thought,
He would ever have to suicide.
History is not bound to be tamed in your cage.

Over your achievement, the river of blood,
I am fade up of looking for my image.
Bush please, do not compel me.
To stand against all your evils,
A front is active all these days.
To join it without renumeration,
I have already applied.
Bush! Your highness, this copy of it
For the information of the Pentagon.
And at the earliest,
Dispatch a troop of hunting dogs from CIA
To spy and then to kill me
I am desperately waiting for them,
Bush your highness,
For your prosperity and security.

The Dark Night

The dark night,

Does it threaten you?
My friend,
In the gloomy weather,
Dark night is no longer a threat.
So many dark days in the order to follow,
The dew drops percolating,
Through the fog of awesome thickness,
The sun hiding for ages.
My friend,
Are you frightened with the chilly winter?
So many snowy springs in our doorsteps.
Wings of the birds frozen,
Buds of flowers dropping down,
Are you horrified with the deserted garden?
No, my friend,
Abandoned dwellings are more horrible,
Dry taps are never worse
When the streams are drying up.
Lunatics and dumbs are never guilty
Mentally retarded are not idiots
When the healthy ones are mute,
When the alive figures surrender to death,
In the dark chapter of the history,
My friend
Our names will be noted with the battered letters.
Scarcely visible in the dark,
Friend! I can spot you,
You can’t escape from here,
You can’t escape from history,
My friend, you are caught
In the dark night.
The End of Life
That dark night,
No moon in the sky,
Stars too far to be useful,
In the bizarre terraces,
Roaming alone without a torch.
The mountains grew higher,
Their border with the sky clear,
But everything else was the one.
Tired and hungry,
I sat staring to the sky
That was the only thing visible from everywhere
Stars were twinkling
As if restless to help me.

I grew drowsy and happy,
In the bright daylight
Coming back to the village after many years,
Welcomed by every single person,
One warm hug after another.
Approaching home with the euphoria,
But no one was spotted in the home.
Astonished, I stood as if frozen.
Something came out of the door
And hit the eyelids!
It was the firefly
That shattered my beautiful dream.

Same cold, same darkness,
Face wet with dew drops
Hands numb as if of somebody else,
Back painted with shape of bizarre stones.
Cold tears trickled down my face.
That warm day, that warm village
And those warm hugs after years altogether.
Could I go for another dream?
No! it was too late.

Darkness being diluted from the east,
Unfortunately, my mood grew darker,
Darker with the realization of my fate
That was a dozen times darker than the darkest night.
The bloody game of power and prejudice
That killed lakhs and evicted millions.
Yes, my friend! I am the refugee of this land.
The day I was evicted mercilessly
The dark chapter was opened in the life
But my friend! That bright dream,
Can it ever turn to reality?
Yes I have the only hope of coming it true,
The end of the hope will end my life.



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/ n't] s's'/ ;/L ltdL hf] af“Rof},
af“r]/ klg dg]{5f}
ltd||f] cfTdf hln/xg]5,
clhª\u/, gfgL / ljjz cfdfsf ljjDjx¿
ltdLnfO{ k5\ofpg]5g\
clg l9nf] u/L ltdLn] eGg]5f}–
d af“r]/ klg dg{ rfxGg,
d d/]/ af“Rg rfxG5' .


o'uf}+b]lvsf] k|xf/ af]s]sf,
tL v]tsf cfnLx¿
d+l;/df e'mn] wfgsf,
tL ;'Gb/ afnLx¿
o'uf}“b]lvsf] d':sfO/x]sf
tL piff nfnLx¿

tL c“Wof/f uNnLx¿,
tL 8/nUbf uN5]“8fx¿
tL b'?x l;/]6fx¿
tL p/fl7nf v8]/Lx¿

;fyL ∕ s] hLjg Psf]xf]/f] 5 <

tL lemlnldnL ;x/x¿
tL cGwsf/ e"mk8Lx¿
tL ;d[4 ;fd|fHox¿
tL ljsnfª\u /fHox¿
kfgL k/]sf] k'ifsf] /ft
d'6' s“kfpg] hf8f]df
vfnL v'§f lx“8\g] k}tfnfx¿
h]7sf] k|r08 udL{df
gfs 7f]lSsg] psfnf]df
ef/L af]Sg] lk7\o"“x¿

;fyL ∕ s] ;+;f/ Ps ?k 5 <

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tL e]nu|:t jiff{x¿df
t'iff/f] k/]sf lzlz/x¿df
Ps d'7L :jfledfg /
Ps kmf“s Gofosf nflu
Hofg xTs]nfdf /fv]/ lel8/x]sf cfTdfx¿

;fyL s] hLjg sfo/ 5 <

x\jL:sLsf] lunf;leq
df]8n cw{gUg z/L/leq
Sofljg /]i6'/f“sf] kbf{leq
uf“hfsf] ;'sL{;“u}

;+;f/ a'e\mg] /x/ u5f}{ ;fyL

hnfOb]pm ltd|f Kn]Ajfox¿
k'm6fOb]pm lk|o ;L8Lx¿
c;dod} 6'x'/f] kfl/P/
kl/jf/sf] uf; h'6fpg] lrGtfdf
lklN;Psf] ls/f]zsf] cg'xf/ x[/
lgwf/sf rfp/L x]/
6NknfPsf cf“vf x]/
b'AnfPsf kfv'/L x]/
lrl/Psf k}tfnf x]/
oL ;+;f/ / of] hLjgsf]
slt 5n{ª\u k|ltljDj 5 Toxf“ ;fyL ∕
cf“6 u/]/ Psrf]l6 x]/]/ t x]/ ∕

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kvflnb]pm p;sf] l;p“bf]sf] l;Gb'/
5f]6\ofOb]pm p;sf] nfdf] skfn
k'l5b]pm p;sf] cf]7sf] nfnL
d]6fOb]pm p;sf] gªsf] kfln;
kf]lvb]pm p;sf] xftdf
o'uf}+b]lv hd]sf] bxL
ydfOb]pm p;sf] xftdf of}6f dzfn
;To / Gofosf] hLtsf nflu
al9/x]sf] r]tgf;“u}
l5gfOb]pm p;sf kfph'x¿
r'“8fOb]pm p;sf kf]t]x¿
;f}Gbo{sf] gfd hKb}
cb[Zo bfDnf / ;fª\nfx¿n]
a]l/“bf a]l/“b}
P]gf, r'nf]rf}sf] / d]sckleq
aGbL ag]/,
ckfª\u ag]sf] p;sf] JolQmTj
k]ml/ ;;f{pg
Ps la6f] k':ts lslgb]pm
d'xf/sf] kfp8/ k'l5b]pm
p;nfO{ k/L / cK;/f eGb}
jf;gfdf nl¶g]x¿nfO{
elgb]pm ca pm canf gf/L x}g
dzfn af]s]sL h'emf? gf/L xf] .
k|fs[lts ?kdf,
3fddf 89]sf] cg'xf/df
clg 5l/tf] kf]zfsdf
elgb]pm pm ca s;}sf]
v'§f wf]P/ kfgL vfg] 5}g
s;}sf] efG5fsf]7fdf y'lgg] 5}g
csf]{sf] sdfOdf e/ kg]{5}g
jfT;No / dft[Tjsf] cGtxLg b'Zrqmdf
pm ca km“l;/xg] 5}g
Tof] kf7]3/ p;}sf] xf] /
To;df s;}nfO{ af; lbg jf glbg ;S5]
p;nfO{ sdhf]/ 7fGg]x¿ /
v'§f sdfpg]x¿nfO{ b]vfpg cfh
pm xftdf dzfn lnP/ s'lb/lx5]
aLr ;8sdf
Gofo / r]tgfsf] Hjfnf ;Nsfpg
;w}“ k}tfnfd'lg bafP/
bofn', dfofn', nHhfn', sf]dn, cflb
eGg]x¿ lj?4
cfTd3ftL ad eP/ ljikmf]6 x'g rfxG5] pm
bzsf}+sf] cfqmf]z kf]Vg rfxG5] pm
g]kfnsL ‘/fz]n sf]/L’ aGg rfxG5] pm
p;nfO{ lsRg cfpg] k'?ifjfbL x}sdx¿nfO{
;fdGtjfbL ;+:sf/x¿ / lgs[i6 ts{x¿nfO{
ToxL dzfnn] hnfpg rfxG5] pm
kvflnb]pm p;sf] l;p“bf]sf] l;Gb'/
5f]6\ofOb]pm p;sf] nfdf] skfn .

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dnfO{ v]b 5,
d o'jfsfnd} a"9f] eP5'
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j}ln/x]sf kftx¿nfO{ sf]lknf ;Demg]
csd{0o ;+:s[ltsf] af9Ldf
d cgfof;} a"9f] eP5' ∕

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3/ / kl/jf/sf] rf}3]/fleq
s'“lhP/ hh{/ / hL0f{ ag]5'

cjfs\ 5 ;8s, pbf; 5 j:tL
ps';d's'; 5 t/, k8\lsg] 5f“6 5}g
cf]l;Psf] 5 Ps d'7L af?b
df}g efiffdf leQf] / 5fgf]
cjfs\ /xg s7f]/ lgb]{z ul//x]5
dflysf] cfb]z o:t} 5 .

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d]/f] /utn] ;8s /ª\luPg
v'gLx¿sf t/af/n] sfd kfPgg\
af?b lr;fsf] lr;} /x\of]
a:tL v'lDrof]
Toxf“ hfg] af6f] v'lDrof]
Toxf“sf lg/Lx hLjx¿sf] pkrf/ v'lDrof]
km}lnof] t s]an ltgnfO{ bfuf wg]{ aGb's
uNnLuNnLdf, uf}“8fuf}“8fdf
clg aGb'sdf xfNg] uf]nL
uf; sf6]/ lsg]sf] uf]nLn] ;f; aGb u/fof]
t/ v} lsg <
o'jfx¿sf] cfjZostf ePsf] a]nf
d c;dod} a"9f] eP5' .
xTofsf] efiffdf aGb's af]ln/x“bf
lg;fl:;Psf cfdfx¿ /
ltgsf sfvdf 6f]nfPsf
eljioljxLg gfgLx¿
ltgsf] Ps 3'6\sf b"w sf6]/
lslgPsf /fOkmnx¿n]
ltgs} afa'nfO{ a]kQf kf/]/
cbfntnfO{ 9f“6]/, cGwsf/df df/]/
vf8ndf k'l/Psf] ljb|'k ;kgf b]Vg]x¿
knkn eml:s/x]5g\–
s] ;kgf ;f“rf] x'g ;S5 <
k"mn v]nfpg] pd]/df,
kTy/n] xflgPsf gfgLx¿;fd'
d cfk\mgf] c;dod} a'9];n]
h]lnPsf] lj?k cg'xf/ 6q\mofO/x]5'
ltgsf afa'sf] /ut–
s] !,@ hgfsf] a9'jf ;dfg lyof] / <
v}, d cjfs\ 5' .

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pQ/ cfw'lgstfjfbLx¿sf] ;ª\utn]
cfTdfsf] cd/Tjdf ljZj:t
cWofTdjfbLx¿sf] ;+;u{n]
pbf/jfb / ljZjJofkLs/0fsf] e"d/Ln]
k]mzg / /demdsf] kl5kl5 s'b]sf] d
bzsf}“ cufl8 a"9f] ePsf] d
lg/Gt/ 5',
ha lgbf]{if gfgLx¿ dflu/x]5g\
ltgsf a]kQf cleefjssf] 7]ufgf
ha pd]/ k'u]sf c;xfo aHo}x¿
dflu/x]5g\ ‘;f; ls nf;’
csf/0f} xl/Psf ltgsf ;xf/f n¶Lx¿
ghGd]sf c;ª\Vo cfTdfx¿ ;f]lw/x]5g\
v} t xfd|f] Ho'“bf] Oltxf;
d/]sf] Oltxf;sf 6'qmf xftdf lnP/
s] d ;f“r} eg"“– d a"9f] ePs} x'“ <

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lbn ;NsfP/ cfuf] tflk/x]5g\
Ps x'n cefuL k|]dLx¿
sNkgfsf] cftª\sdf 8'a]/
;f] slyt k|]dsf] cd"t{ ;fu/df
lemgf] cfzfsf] 8'ª\uf lvofO/x]5g\
Ps x'n cefuL k|]dLx¿

;+;f/ la;{g] Joy{ sf]lz; ubf{ub}{
oyfy{sf] kvf{ndf knkn 7f]lsP/
hLjgsf] tnfpdf eml//x]5g\
clg l9nf] u/L a'lem/x]5g\ ;+;f/
hLjgsf] gof“ kl/efiff lbO/x]5g\
Ps x'n ljr/f k|]dLx¿

;of}“ kfgfx¿ el//x]5g\
d;L w]/} vlr{/x]5g\
slxn] k|]dsf] ;'?df t slxn] cGtdf
slxn] clt xif{df t slxn] lj:dft\df
slxn] cfTdf /]l6/x]5g\
slxn] :jKg e]l6/x]5g\
t/ knkn eml:s/x]5g\
s] k|]dsf] ;fd|fHo df}nfpnf <
cem} ;zª\lst 5g\
Ps x'n lh1f;' k|]dLx¿

ef]s, ltvf{ lal;{/x]5g\
gftf s'6'Da e'ln/x]5g\
;fyLx¿nfO{ kG5fO/x]5g\
knfO/x]sf] k|]dsf] d'gf j}nfpnf x} ∕
;r]t 5g\ Ps x'n k|]dLx¿
cfhLjg ef]Ug'kg]{ ;+;f/nfO{
a]jf:tf ul//x]5g\ d'l:snn]
pN6} ;/flk/x]5g\ ;dfhnfO{
gfd sf9L sf9L lgGbf ul//x]5g\
k|]dsf zq'x¿sf]
cfkm}“ kl/efiff agfO/x]5g\
x/]s rLhx¿sf]
Ps x'n k|a'4 k|]dLx¿

v} of] k|]d rqm slt lbg rNnf <
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pgLx¿nfO{ yfxf 5 jf 5}g
hLjgn] s7f]/ kf7 k9fP/} 5f]8\g]5
/ Ps Ps k/LIff lng]5
lx;falstfa r'Stf ug]{5
k|]dkynfO{ k|]d dfu{df k'¥ofpg] jf gk'¥ofpg]
hLjgn] csf6\o lg0f{o ug]{5
x8a8fp“b} a:g]5g\ k/LIffyL{x¿
Ps x'n c;xfo k|]dLx¿
v'Oo v'Oo ub}{ aflxlbg]5g\
/ oyfy{sf] P]gfdf x]g]{5g\
ltgsf] k|]dky slt ;f“u'/f] lyof]
slt 3'DtL lyP / slt bnbnx¿
sltrf]l6 lbzf pN6f] lyof] ∕∕
k'Ug g;lsPsf] k|]d dfu{nfO{
x]g]{5g\ lwt dg]{ u/L
clg eGg]5g\ ‘h] ef] /fd|} ef]’
Ps x'n e'Qmef]uL k|]dLx¿

38Lsf] syf

kTy/sf] r§fgaLr
j;Gtsf] s] vf]hL u5f}{
P ;fyL xf] ∕
9f]+u gu/
kTy/aLr k"mn k'mNg] eP
lzlz/ ;lsP/ lsg j;Gt cfpg'kYof]{
zLt / x':;"aLr
d'gfx¿ 6';fpg] eP
kfl/nf] 3fdsf] k|ltIff lsg ug'{kYof]{
;fyL xf] ∕
gf6s gu/
aGb'sn] ;w}“ ;'/Iff lbg] eP
kv]{/ dfq o'u k]ml/g] eP
af]n]/ dfq sfd aGg] eP
cfh s]s] eO;SYof]
knf“;sf] k"mn eO;s]sf 5g=
e'ml;lNs/fsf /f}“ eO;s]sf 5g\
tL sfn /fqLsf xltof/x¿
t/ k]ml/ alh|/x]5g\ xfdLdfly g}
tL cGwsf/sf dltof/x¿
s] 38Lsf] ;'O{ pN6f] 3'Dg ;S5 <
t/ l;ls/fv
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38LnfO{ ;'N6f] 3'dfO/fVg klg
s;}n] of]ubfg lbg'k5{,
s;}n] Wofg t s;}n] Hofg lbg'k5{
t/ lsg ?e]msf] la/fnf] h:t}
kl5lt/ kfOnf rfln/x]5f},
P ;fylx¿ xf] ∕
cGwsf/sf] t/af/af6 cfk"m aRg
c? ;of}“nfO{ df/ vfg afWo kfl//x]5f}
Pp6f cwd/f] e|ddf
aGb's / uf]nLsf] 3]/fn] hLjg arfpnf eg]/
slt e'mlsG5f} P ;fyLx¿ ∕
P]gf x]/ t <
38L ;'N6f] 3'ld/x]5 .

b"w] afns / sfnLu08sL

;8s k]6Ldf Ps cfdf
caf]w aRrfnfO{ s'6L s'6L
sfvaf6 hah{:tL v;flN5g\ ∕
;fgf]rflx“ aRrfnfO{ b"w gk'u]sf] a]nf
7"nf]n] b"wsf] cfz u/]sf] b]v]/
csf]{lt/ kms]{/ cf“z' v;flN5g\ ∕

b]zdf ul/aL ef] t s] ef], ;Dkbf 5,
åGåsf] cfuf] ;NSof] t s] ef]
;dfwfgsf] kfgL 5
ck/fwLx¿n] zf;g rnfP t s] ef]
;do 5
ul/aL, cGofo / a]lylt x6fpg ;Sg]
o'jf k':tf 5 eGb}
cfzfsf] TofGb|f] a'g]/ a;]sf] d,
ef]sfPsf] aRrfnfO{ lgd{dtfk"j{s s'6\g afWo kfl/Psf
cfdfx¿nfO{ pHofnf] eljiosf] cfz b]vfpg] d
cfkm} Pslbg 5f“ufaf6 v;]“
lgh{g kx/faf6 sfnq cGwsf/df v;]“ .

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gof“ ;dLs/0fx¿ alg/x]
sf]xL stf sf]xL stf s'lb/x]
t/ b]z hxf“sf] ToxL“ /x\of]
cem w]/} cGwd'i7Llt/ ws]lnof]
;8sk]6Ldf ?g] cfdfx¿sf cf“vfdf
cem 7"nf d"n k'm6]
gof“ o'usf k|ltlglw o'jfx¿
JolQmTj agfpg] xf]8df
5fnf k|bz{gdf s'lb/x]
ck/fwLx¿ /fhgLltlt/ l5/]
b]z b'u{ltlt/ a9\b} uof]
lgw{g / lga{n aa'/f] d
3'6'Ss y's lgNb} slNk/x]“–
æ;do ;a}eGbf alnof] 5,
Ps lbg xfd|f] klg kfnf] cfpg]5 .Æ
t/ lj8Djgf
;u/dfyf gfª\uf] b]lvPsf] a]nf
sfnLu08sLn] 5f8]sf] au/df sldnf lx“8]
lxdgbLx¿ ;'ls;s]sf lyP
ljsl;t elgPsf b]zsf nfvf}“
pBf]usf lrDgLaf6 lg:s]sf] w'jf“n]
k"/f jfo'd08n tflt;s]sf] lyof]
;u/dfyfsf] lxp“ cf“z' ag]/ em¥of]
dxfg\ 7flgPsfx¿sf 3/sf Pc/ sl08;g/x¿af6
lg:s]sf Uof“;n]
cf]hf]g txdf Kjfn kfl/;s]sf] lyof]
ca t d]/f] k|]/0ffsf] ;|f]t
sfnLu08sLsf] axfj lyof]
g d}n] sNk]sf] ckf/ hn;Dkbfsf] cl:tTj lyof]
sldnf lx“8]sf] sfnLu08sLn] 5f8]sf] au/df
k|r08 udL{df d 6f]nfO/x]sf] lyP“
Iff]e / cfTd Unflgn] hn]/ lj:d[t eO;s]sf] d}n]
cufl8 b]V5' Ps5q k"“hLjfbL ljZjsf gfosx¿
d'v afP/ xf“l;/x]5g\
au/sf] 9'ª\uf l6k]/ tf]8n] ltgsf cf“vflt/ lxsf{p“5
c1ft lbzfaf6 cfPsf] uf]nLn] dnfO{ nfU5 .
d wd{/fp“5', t/ 9lNbg
k]ml/ csf]{ 9'ª\uf] l6k]/ xfGg vf]Hbf
;of}“ uf]nL Ps;fy ddf k5{g\
d k/ pl5l§G5'
8ª\/ª\u ∕∕∕∕
cxf], d t vf6af6 v;]5'
of] t ljs/fn ;kgf /x]5
;kgfsf] c? s]xL klg af“sL lyPg
t/ dg Iff]e / cfTdUnflgn] el/Psf] lyof]
;87s k]6LsL cfdfnfO{ vf]Hg
cGwsf/df vfnL v'§f s'2} d s/fp“b} lyP“–
cfdf ∕ o;} a;]/ x'“bf] /x]g5
d]/f] sfnLu08sL / ltd|f b"w] afnsnfO{ arfpg
cfdf ∕ xfdL dg{ x'G5 t/
sfnLu08sL / b"w]afns dg'{x'“b}g
ltgLx¿df Oltxf; / e'uf]n c8]sf] 5
cfdf ∕ l9nf] x'g} yfNof]
b"w] afns / sfnLu08sLnfO{ arfpg

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